Prescription: Share Your Story and Art With Us

Generitic: Calling all Artists

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Hippocampus (Photomicrograph, 2005) | Genetically-encoded fluorescent proteins illuminate neurons in different colors in a modern version of the Golgi stain, a simple chemical coloring traditionally done with silver nitrate. Image by Tamily Weissman, Jeff Lichtman, and Joshua Sanes


Hello My Dears!

As of recent we have been reaching out on various forums to find storytellers and artists that are willing to have their story/art publicized here. What is our criteria?

  • Your work does not have to be about mental illness, it could be a coping skill.
  • We are not concerned with your work being too graphic, the only censorship we construct relations to keeping this a judgement free ward.
  • No negative comments on an artist’s work will be permitted.
  • Do not worry about how “good” you think your work is, if your work is about your mental illness, a loved ones mental illness or your work helps you copy- we want to see it!
  • It would be helpful if you wrote a brief (or long) introduction to your work.
  • We do not turn down work based on preference the only work that will not be publicized is something that might hurt others.
  • Please specify if you want links included to your personal page, or are selling your work.
  • Please specify if you prefer you work to be anonymously posted.
  • If we publicized your work incorrectly, please contact us and we will fix in with hast.
  • You can also submit a loved one’s work or your if you are a supporter of a person with mental illness we want to see your art and hear your stories too!

Please send all submissions to 

brain1 (1)


Axon Scaffolding Proteins (Photomicrograph, 2008) | The arrangement of proteins forming the inner scaffolding of axons, captured thanks to genetically engineered antibodies that help researchers study the molecular components neurons like specific types of protein

Image by Michael Hendricks and Suresh Jesuthasan

Here are some HIGHLY interesting reads concerning mental illness and creativity:

Tortured Artists by Christopher Zara 

Portraits of the Mind by Carl Schoonover

Carl Schoonover TED talk, how to look in the mind

Inpatient Asylum Press: 

What is Stigma?

Hip-Hop Psychology: Using Music to Fight Mental Illness–  Charlotte Lytton’s Article on the Daily Beast

Help and Other Voices

We have been fortunate enough to receive a poetry submission by a Miss Anne Salyer

The God of Broken Things

Crimson heart and aching bones
My skin is frail as snow.
I lay my head upon my dreams
Where the August roses grow.
I pray to the god of broken things
Who leads me to his field.
There I give him all my days
And to his wants I yield.
Our flowers bloom in shades of green
Scenting the world with grace.
I grant him all my holy things
Wrapped tight in sacred lace.
We find our bliss beneath the sun,
Our passion within the stars,
And as the god of broken things
He heals me of my scars.
Lending strength to break the chains
That hold me to the past
He whispers his sweet goodbyes
And I know I’m whole at last.

Asylum Art: 

We are also fortunate to have a submission from artist Danny Harms, “Art Borne of Mental Illness”.  These four pieces Danny tells us “reflect on my varying mental health states.”  If you like Danny’s work and want to see more please do so here Danny’s Studio

unnamed  Abandonment

Fenced In On Every LevelFenced in On Every Level

unnamed (2) Cold and Lonely Road

 unnamed (3) Flying Away