Prescription: Even if you are still afraid, still move forward to your light.

Generic:  Have confidence and courage to let new things into your life!

Common Side Effects: make new friends, finding new interests, finding new talents within yourself

Hello My Dears,

this is your humble narrator Emma Retina.

When you leave something stable and comfortable behind others will arch neck and shoulders. They will recoil in response and their subconscious stresses and hopes you won’t notice the distance away from you it wills to creation.  An immediate response you’ll hear is your worn label as a risk taker.  Occupation: Daredevil, Special Skills: Avoidance

I accept that but I think there needs to be an important aspect to the definition of “risk taker.”  There is a strong held difference between the species of risk takers.  Are you an individual who takes risks because they simply enjoy taking risks in general or because they receive a high from taking risks? Often it is a fool’s folly. Often this variation is not as they appear, there is always more. Still waters run deep.

As a lunatic you can be stripped of everything important to you more easily. It’s all gone.

Family with high hopes for you.

Your career that came to define you in some circles.

The brown haired barista who keeps a special smile for you in the corner of her mouth until she hands you your coffee.

A friend that convinced you to play pranks on the substitute teacher. And when they were older they called because you will listen to

Our connections can gossamer.

During my time in the state hospital and my time in a women’s shelter I only owned a few clothes and my prescribed drugs.  A positive side to this was that I became delivered from the concept of conventional life.  I was delivered from goals of , societies ideas of the perfect female body, and societies ideas on how I (or anyone) should live my life. I AM NOT defined by my education, relationships, career, what car I drive, where and how I live, my bank account, who I love, and my mental illness.  The bigger factors listed are important secondary aspects of my life that don’t define me but are defined by who I am at the core.

A belief system exists based on the more schematic facts of connection.  The more connections we have the greater the damage and wreckage floating in bloodied waters we sail.  The stronger our connections hold, our efforts for a more positive world emerge.

You’ve been a victim of loss, a mourner of a sturdy ground and reborn to realize you should have watched where you moved your feet more closely as you danced through your highs and lows because the dance renders you blind to the cliffs along side you.  The ones you love will stand next to you and as much as you  would like to say they had pushed you, you know the truth. They knew they couldn’t hold up the weight of your sickness, if they tried….they would fall with you.

You’ve fallen off the edge, and there is one important voice to hear below. It tells you that no matter where a person stands in life they can never come close to fathom what the bottom will be like (no matter how fortunate or unfortunate they are). At the bottom you learn that as long as you live in this life there is always another edge, a deeper bottom. The pit is eternally endless and you can not resurrect from the bottom truly until you learn that lesson fully. That is why some people hit rock bottom, over and over again, it’s comparable to one of Dante’s levels of hell. At the gates of hell we must remember the fortune tellers with heads screwed backwards because they wanted to see the future through unnatural means.

SO, returning to risk taking try to be the person not afraid to take risks if you find importance and potential for growth in those risks.

Asylum Inpatient Press

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“Bring Change 2 Mind, in partnership with Brandon Marshall’s Project 375, is launching #StrongerThanStigma to raise awareness around the unique challenges that men face when discussing mental health, to encourage open dialogue, and to promote help seeking behavior.”

Telepsychiatry: the New Frontier in Mental Health

“[Telepsychiatry] allows for patients to be examined by a psychiatrist within an hour, as opposed to waiting for days in an emergency room”. Let’s hope more states adopt these services!


“One reason telepsychiatry may be effective is patients are more willing to open up from their homes.”

Read the full article here

A father’s scars: For Va.’s Creigh Deeds, tragedy brings unending questions


“He wakes up, and even before he opens his eyes, he can see his beautiful, delusional son.

Gus, Creigh Deeds thinks.

He lies in bed a few minutes more, trying to conjure specific images. Gus dancing. Gus playing the banjo. Gus with the puppies. Any images of Gus other than the final ones he has of his 24-year-old, mentally ill son attacking him and then walking away to kill himself, images that intrude on his days and nights along with the questions that he will begin asking himself soon, but not yet. A few minutes more. Gus fishing. Gus looking at him. Gus smiling at him. Time to start the day.”

The rest of the Washington Post aritcle here

Creigh Deeds on 60 Minutes

In Our Own Voices

Falling Fast Awake by Ellen Archey

(I do not have schizophrenia but was requested to submit something I made. So I made this about dealing with autism spectrum, insomnia, and my overall mental health struggles)

 The sun is too bright

The skies are too dark

I hear this too shall pass

Every day brings more storms

More wind, more rain, less air

I’m all over the place

Yet, still, I go nowhere

Trying to be part of this world

Yet, still, they cannot see

I feel apart from it

Falling fast awake

Had all I can take

Living in this nightmare

And I can’t sleep

Hearing that I don’t care

Because I feel too much

Holding onto so much

Unable to carry more

Things feel too loud

My voice silenced

Everyone gets too close

Yet, still, they are distant

In their understanding

To know me, to get me

Falling fast awake

Had all I can take

Living in this nightmare

And I can’t sleep

Treated like a number

A test subject

Not a patient

Or even a person

Unable to do more

Too loud, too close

Too much, too far

Too fast, too slow

Too strong, too heavy

As I feel weak

Asylum Art

The artwork of returning artist Sharon Skipper!

Created with Nokia Smart Cam
Old Converted Hospital Basement
Created with Nokia Smart Cam

Created with Nokia Smart Cam Created with Nokia Smart Cam

The Artwork of Chris Baroody

unnamed (15)

I am glad to see an organization spotlighting the artwork of those who’ve fought and still fight against mental illness. Mental illness is an insidious disease that brings incomprehensible suffering, but it can also bring insights into the human condition otherwise unattainable.

unnamed (17) unnamed (16)

Unfortunately, neither the sufferings nor the insights imparted by mental illness are easily deciphered by those not intimately acquainted with mental illness; instead, because we are not understood, we are often marginalized, ostracized, or even abused by members of our communities.

unnamed (10) unnamed (11)

But art, which springs from a primal, wordless human drive, can convey what words and arguments often cannot. For all of us who deal with the trials and the stigma of mental illness, little else can bring such healing as the promotion of understanding, as we know how devastating misunderstanding can be.

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The answer to last pages riddle was: Your nose

Riddle Me This:

The man who invented it doesn’t want it. The man who bought it doesn’t need it. The man who needs it doesn’t know it. What is it?