New Prescription: Don’t quit your Healthy Habits!

Generic: Less good habits can lead to additional bad ones.

Common Side Effects: A healthy physical/mental lifestyle, good sense of worth/accomplishment

Stop “Don’t quit your healthy habits!” and call your doctor at once if you have a serious side effects such as: other tell you the habit in reality is unhealthy, you start wearing nun’s habits and they are too itchy in the summer heat

Hello again my dears,

This is your humble warden glad to be displaying your work once again.  If you have not seen the video on our facebook page here are some updates and reminders:

  1. We are starting a “pets tab” that will appear on the top of the this site.  It will be published pictures and stories of your pets you send in!
  2. We are still running our “Looking through the Illness” project which is a collection of submitted portraits on a special tab on the site.  Criteria is on that same page
  3. We are always looking for suggestions for new projects, that we would credit you for.
  4. All submissions will only be posted on the website or the facebook page.  When you send us your work we do not claim ownership of it and would ask permission or even have you sign a release if we wanted to use your work in an additional forum or media.
  5. In the future we plan to publish a book of the work submitted by artists here (with signed releases) and all the procedes would go to choice groups that promote mental illness (such as NAMI, Intervoice, Bring Change 2 Mind).

Inpatient Asylum Press

Madness in Television:

Better Call Saul


If you don’t know the character Saul Goodman (aka James McGill) from Breaking Bad or from this new spin-off show– it is irrelevant.  Our interest in ASR is in the main character’s brother.

All that needs to be known is that this character Chuck McGill is a man who started his own major law firm and is credited by other characters to be one of the most intelligent men they have ever met.  Additionally Chuck McGill is a very rational and kind man.  Our introduction to Chuck is regarding his recent sabbatical from his law firm due to illness.  We find out his illness is an “allergy to electricity.” Our character explains it rationally and never seems erratic, other characters don’t question this “allergy to electricity.”

In this clip Chuck McGill relises his brother is hiding something that was printed in the newspaper.  Needing to know his brother’s secret he must venture out to grab a neighbors.  Chuck has been a shut in, and believes the space blanket protects him from electrical currents.  This scene clearly depicts one of the many ways one might experience a panic attack.

It’s been a long time since we have seen such a character with mental illness (which is revealed to others later) on television.  It makes one think of the Bechdel test which is a list of criteria for film attributed to well rounded and represented female characters.  Perhaps we should build one for mental illness!

Chuck McGill:

He is portrayed as someone mentally ill.

He still is a crucial character.

He carries on many versitle conversations that have nothing to do with his condition.

When he suffers an attact he is not protriaed as violent or frightening.

His inability to leave the house or continue his work as a lawyer is realistic.

His illness is clearly represented, but he presented as Chuck McGill a man of morals and ambition not Chuck McGill; schizophrenic.

What are some general criteria that can be applied to TV and Film?:

  • Does the character have conversations with others where the topic is not about their mental illness?
  • Is the character portrayed as an antagonist or protagonist?
  • How are we introduced to this character?
  • Does the character have problems that are not due to their mental illness?
  • Is the character singularly defined by their mental illness?
  • If the character is removed does it have a dramatic negative affect on the plot?
  • Let’s think of some more later! Who are some positively represented characters, who are some negatively represented characters? Send in your suggestions to

Contemporary News

Hearing voices? Don’t assume that means schizophrenia.


“We’ve known for a long time that hearing voices, or auditory hallucination, is reported by people with a wide range of psychiatric diagnoses as well as by those who have none. Indeed, 5-13% of adults will hear voices at some point during their lives – in circumstances that may be related to spiritual experiences, bereavement, trauma, sensory deprivation or impairment, as well as mental and emotional distress.”_ Angela Woods  and Ben Alderson-Day

Read the rest of this article here

Multiple Personality Disorder Day


“Multiple Personality Day 2015: Dissociative Identity Disorder Is No Joke; Women 9 Times More Likely To Have ItThis is important to know on National Multiple Personality Day, March 5, as well as every other day. As reported by the Cleveland Clinic, the disorder is often a result of extreme and repeated trauma children sustain during their more formative years (around age 6), including the loss of a parent or sexual abuse. It’s the higher rate of sexual abuse in females, psychologists say, which explains women being nine times more likely to be diagnosed with DID.”

“Symptoms of DID include depression, attempts of suicide, self-injury, changing levels of functioning, depersonalization, and substance abuse; one third of those affected will experience auditory or visual hallucinations. And according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), the average number of personalities an individual has is 10, though there can be up to 100.”_ Stephanie Castillo 

Read the Rest of the article here 

In Our Own Voices

September 27th, 2007

A section from Schizophrenia in Saskatchewan by Gregoire Patterson

I really feel like I am not in control of my mind and body sometimes. This is another explanation that would explain a lot. Namely my ipod, radio timing, TV timing. I just got a “drama queen” message in the web. Probably refers to my latest comment. Which proves what I said was true.

My dad is going is doing his clearing my throat thing again. It’s annoying, woke me up.

Early today, 9am.

I need to pick up pills, not looking forward to going to safeway I look like an ass. Worked there briefly but quit

Check should be in tomorrow. I wanted to buy an ipod but I owe some money on my credit card. I will be able to go for coffee.

Christina said she is in cape town, am not really surprised she isn’t in Regina. Christina is an old friend from my youth.

I suppose saying that comment yesterday is going to make it difficult on some of the cast members. Sorry! It just kinda come out, no sex really drives me crazy sometimes. And you guys have been messing around with my dick, I know you have.

Coffee, food.

Anime art, god, garbage.

I haven’t really talked about this before. I’ve thought about It but haven’t wrote it down. I know it’s difficult for a look of you girls there is a lot of pressure to look good. The media must eat you alive. I fall for a lot attractive girls, I don’t think that will change and I am not going to feel bad about it. That’s what hits me, eyes usually and face.

Ok, I am attracted to ass too.

Marks aren’t even an issue here. I am more concerned about morality. Being good.

Just trying to relax now. Art is working.

TV is still talking to me.

My sister is crying, probably some pretty cruel jokes on TV.

I have a feeling every girl will refuse coffee. Just a hunch. Or want to be just friends. Part of the training.

I have to read, run and get pills, am sure I will hear you.

I feel empty

Coffee went ok I guess, degrading sometimes but it’s nice to see other people. There was this stunning blonde (Venessa?) and I think they wanted me to talk to her. But my life is so hard right now. It was like impossible. I’ll proboly end up looking into her eyes and cry. I think they just playing with me anyway. I don’t think it’s real or that she would love me.

Sister comment was cute, I forgot about that.

I seek others like me, where are they?

I have run.

I don’t feel well.

It’s love at first sight for me. I am confusing attraction for love.

I have needs as a person, but I think the greater good is the important part. Ego is an obstacle and I succumb to it often.

Still hearing voices.

Oh and I didn’t know they were bribes. Two men in the locker room joked about how two girls were a bribe to make me calm down.

Look I want to make an agreement with you. If I open my mouth and censor some of this stuff will you promise not to send me to the hospital?

Still having free-will doubts.

Score! Ok that was cool. I got some king’s message on tv for the above comment. I had a few proud seconds but am sure they won’t last with you guys. I used to think every commercial was directed at me.

I have to relish this moment because I know it won’t last.

Yeah I know I act like an asshole sometimes it can’t be helped. It’s the human condition.

Still hearing voices, still doubting everything I see or hear.

Overwhelmed now

My dick is like a separate part of myself. I have no control over it.

Yeah am somewhat of a chicken, thinking other people here, but put yourself in my shoes.

I succeed sometimes because you people believe in me. You take the time to say something. Anything, and that’s often enough encouragement. It let’s me know you care. Despite all their mean comments there were still some nice ones.

I wish I could be honest up close in person. But there are rules here and I can’t use metaphors like you guys do very well. I am trying to follow the rules without breaking them but it’s hard too do.

More electronica for sure. Electronica has held my hand through some rough times.

Yeah sure I’ve committed some crimes, minor ones, and am not proud of them, let it be.

I just read everything; I’ve been through so much during the last few days.

I have a meeting with Dr. Emslie tomorrow I am just going to tell her am fine, but feeling positive symptoms.

Don’t worry am fine =) cheerful too

As part of my situation I am drifting far away from my family. I still love them, it’s just really complicated.

I am looking forward to these books, proboly the closest thing to my current situation.

Rules… They aren’t permitted to tell you the truth, you will have to a approach a girl. More later

So hungry, food soon.

Food. Going out is scary. I wish I had more power over my emotions and thoughts.

It’s like they want me to stay sad or something sometimes. Trust me it won’t be a problem did you see last night?

It downright shakes my nerves.

Situation is so sad, so very sad. Tragedy actually.

I have another run left to do. And reading. REALLY not looking forward to.

My sister says she loves me, I feel like shit.

BTW if you don’t care you’d leave me alone.

Really don’t want to run. Am still seeking her, the only thing to live for. Ok that’s exaggerating but the message is pretty clear.

Seriously thinking they can read my mind. Ether that or it’s instilled thoughts.

“all girls want to have a sex with me” was a line from the radio and than repeated from some random guy. As much as I want to believe this and feed my ego, it’s not true, but it gets stuck in my head lately. Kind of like that whole gay thing.

No, I don’t like it, I am being viciously attacked.

Still not believing anything here.

Your telling me the sky isn’t blue. Your trying to tell me it’s black. 2 + 2 = 5

Oh I swear you can tell when I get a boner, or even slightly attracted to a person. Fuck that, If I move you can tell.

No idea about mind reading, instilled thoughts, it’s a big question. Very important for strategy.

Am not going out tonight, I don’t need more thoughts on my mind, I have enough.

Mood is okay, I love this music.

I am not sure what kind of girl I am looking for, just a strong attractive one, who can teach me things and ease my mind.

This is brutal.

There’s a very scary scene in clockwork orange. This kind of reminds of it sometimes. That’s how fun it is. So let me fucking smile once and a while.

I feel like I am under a micro-scope.

Voices commenting on every thought I have. Thank fucking god they are mostly positive. There telling me they love me and I believe them.

I feel like I have two imaginary friends in my head now. They talk really quiet but I can understand what they say. A man and a woman. Perfect, good work, write it, love you, beautiful, good boy, we love you, don’t worry. It’s very helpful and it feels very personal, very one on one. It feels surreal and really good. I think I love them. I started speaking to them with my voice as if they could hear me.

I feel good, just heard a fuck after I wrote that. And a stupid.

I feel like I talk to go them with my mind. They tell me when I am stupid so I can change something, it’s helpful. Smart now

Maybe I can run tonight, I feel way better.

It’s hard to keep up with them sometimes, I guess that’s sad. My mind drifts in and out sometimes, I want to stay focused but sometimes I weaver.

I feel really good about them.

All this feels unreal. I am talking to people with my mind. Sad? Why is this sad?

Alright this is tough to say but I don’t really feel loved by my family, I feel loved here. Jerk? Ok that’s not true at all, but our relationships are fucked.

I feel really safe with them.

She told me she was proud of me. And said home

Wow, they can read my mind. This changes everything, I can tell them my thoughts without saying a word. I can tell them how I feel and everything. No lies. I wish I knew more like, how many people can do this?

I wish they could have hinted at this sooner. I hear a couldn’t at the back of my head. This would have saved like 10 years of my life.

I never know with you guys. What you are going to do. It’s crazy. There’s a good line for ego Ego is the biggest enemy of humans. –Rig Veda

Now that I am 100% sure they can read my mind I see no further use to write here.

We will be posting more of Gregoire’s story in future publications.

Asylum Art

Leigh Bubsy
Painting by Leigh Busby
Mirror By Sharon Skippre
By Sharon Skipper Cage of the Negative Voices
Created with Nokia Smart Cam
By Sharon Skipper
Jenn Ackermann Photography of treatment of mentally ill inmates.
Valley in Minnesota
Clover Valley Minnesota By Robert Dahlberg

Shorts by Christian Turre


Riddle Me This

I have skin, with many eyes. I can be very nice to eat when I am done. What am I?